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A simple online guide to self storage

Dec 7, 2018 | Storage | 0 comments

New comers to secure storage often don’t know where to start. Here at Chesley Storage, we’ve put together a simple guide to make sure our customers hit the ground running.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, there are no pushy salesmen here, just good honest advice!

Forward planning for Self Storage

Site selection is a major factor when choosing a local storage company. The facility needs to be within a reasonable travelling distance from the customer’s home or place of work. Where is the storage facility located? Is it in an area that is easily accessible? Is it easy to find? What are the access hours? Do they have insurance? Is the facility secure? These are just a few of the more obvious questions you should be asking yourself before committing to a local storage facility. Nobody wants the hassle of having to move everything again a few weeks later.

Make sure you choose the right size unit for your storage needs. Paying for space that you won’t be using would be a needless waste of money. Want some advice on what would suit your needs best? Either contact your local storage experts or call one of our friendly staff on 01795 844144.

It really helps to plan how you are going to move your items in advance. Will you need to hire a van or are you happy to make a several trips in a car? If you are moving house, will you be enlisting the help of a removal company? A general rule of thumb for long distance trips would be to choose a big enough vehicle to move everything in one go. Chesley Storage can help you to find a cost-effective van rental firm or trustworthy removal company.

Packing up your storage items

  • Maximise the space you rent by dismantling large items and keeping all fixings together in a labelled bag.
  • Make sure you use sturdy boxes that won’t collapse and divide up heavy items between boxes.
  • Be organised and clearly label all boxes on the top and on the front so that you can easily locate items at a later date.
  • Ensure that you wrap all breakable items such as glassware, crockery and china in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Always place the heaviest items at the bottom of a box and fill empty space to stop things moving around in transit.
  • Thoroughly defrost fridges and freezers, clean ovens and tape all doors shut to avoid damage during the journey.

Once at the storage unit

  • Do not put heavy items on top of lighter or fragile items.
  • Fill every last piece of space by opening doors and draws and filling with smaller items.
  • Put larger items up against the walls of the unit and then stack boxes with labels facing forwards. Leave an aisle in the middle of the unit to make moving and locating goods easier.
  • Wedge open the doors of appliances such as fridges and washing machines to stop mould from forming.

We hope that you found this guide useful. Whatever your storage requirements, our modern and secure facility located in Kent provides a cost-effective secure environment for all your storage needs. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote or call us on 01795 844144.


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